Application Process

Our goal is to find the best match for your goals and our program.

At Camp Alsing, we pride ourselves on building partnerships with our campers and their families. We understand that sleep away camp might be a new experience for a child or they might have attended a camp in the past that wasn’t quite the right fit for them. We meet with each camper and their family, in person whenever possible, or by video. We help families through the application process and answer questions, address concerns, and build an understanding of the camper’s interests and needs before they come to camp. Once they arrive, we will have a strong sense of who your child is, and how we can provide the best experience possible. 

Camp Alsing might be a good fit for your child if:

  • They have comfortably spent the night away from home and are comfortable traveling to new environments (e.g. sleepovers, staying at a family member’s house, a previous camp experience)
  • They are independent with daily self-care tasks (e.g. hygiene, dressing, eating)
  • They can let an adult know when they are sick, injured, or distressed about something
  • They are not physically or verbally aggressive towards themselves or others
  • They can go along with a group plan, even if it is not their first choice of activity
  • They are excited (and maybe nervous too) about camp
  • They are looking for an opportunity to try new things and connect with peers in a supportive environment


We are excited to get to know your family.

If you are interested in learning more about camp,  email our director, Emily.

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