The LILS Program


The LILS Program – Leadership and Independent Living Skills

The LILS program is for young adults ages 18-22*. We provide these young leaders with the opportunity to plan programs, develop independent living skills, mentor campers, and build self-confidence in a supported environment. As participants explore becoming role models at camp, the LILS coaches help them to see themselves in a new light of independence and responsibility.
The program kicks off with a 3-night orientation in an outdoor education setting where participants bond as a group, and learn what it means to be a leader at camp, the expectations of the role, and set goals for their time together as an emerging leader at Camp Alsing.


The LILS program has three primary components:

·  Leadership – LILS participants are assigned to a GoF (Group of a Feather) of younger campers. On designated days each week participants support the GoFs by chaperoning campers to and from activities and meals, and support program staff in leading activities. Participants will be designated as resources for younger Alsing campers who have questions about camp or might be homesick, and need the advice from our emerging leaders with more experience. Participants will also plan activities during the session including evening programs and games for specialty days.


·  Independent Living – Throughout the session participants will work together to accomplish a variety of goals necessary for successful independent living by creating plans and following through with them. These activities will include managing their individual living environment by regulating personal hygiene, cleaning personal areas as well as communal spaces. Participants will also work together to schedule meetings, plan menus, grocery shop, cook and do laundry. These activities not only provide necessary practice in time-management, future planning and collaboration, but also provide participants with a keen understanding of their capacity to perform these tasks on their own, and how they might transition these skills to life at home.


·  Social Growth – Participation in the orientation program builds strong bonds as a group, which is then their support system as they explore their leadership role at camp. Each evening the participants come back together to celebrate successes, troubleshoot challenges, and make plans for the next day’s activities.



To determine if the LILS Program is right for an emerging adult in your life, please be in touch with our director, Emily Chaleff, at or 207-805-4155. Click here for program dates & rates.

*For 17-year olds, our director will determine with families if a camper will be best supported in our foundational camp program or as a LILS participant.