Our trained counselors bring out the best in our campers.

Our counselors are adults who are passionate about working with children. We believe that the time at camp is precious, and our staff members come with the maturity and training to make that time the most enjoyable and beneficial it can be.

We seek staff who come to us with a variety of backgrounds and work experience. In addition to having trained clinicians and graduate students on site, our staff are people who have skill sets in the areas of theater, sports, the visual arts, outdoor education, and waterfront management. Overall, we seek out staff who are energetic, ethical, empathic, hardworking and engaged with the world around them.

All our staff are excited about working with children with developmental or social challenges, and are people who know how to have fun. Our very high ratio of 1 counselor to 3 campers provides campers with the trust and guidance they need, and lets our counselors know each child.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch to learn more about beingĀ an Alsing counselor, or click the link to fill out an application.

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