So many activities, so much fun.

Camp Alsing offers more activities than a camper can experience in one summer. Swimming, boating, nature, singing, campfires, ropes course, arts and crafts, group games, evening programs, and camping out, are all part of our core program. Each activity is fun, skill-based and promotes social and emotional growth. Our specially trained staff recognizes teachable moments and guide campers to see the value in their accomplishments and connections.

Star Wars day at campWe love special activities!

Star Wars day: Let your imagination shoot across the galaxy

A new dawn has arrived and all camp activities are suspended for the day. The Empire, fueled by the power of the dark side, has taken over the 200-acre galaxy of Camp Alsing. Only the brave members of your unit team, part of the camper Rebel Alliance, can solve the riddle of the Jedi, and return harmony and balance to the Alsing universe. Your unit team will be handed a map of locations to be visited, where you will face challenges and obtain clues to the riddle of the Jedi. You may encounter strange creatures and mystical beings. Using the power of the Force, your unit will seek to assemble the clues to find the location of the Empire’s doomsday weapon, and be the first to disable it before disaster strikes.

The Unit Overnight: a special experience

In Maine, stars burn brighter and s’mores taste better. Many children who come to Camp Alsing have not had the chance to sleep in a tent, lay out under the stars or cook dinner over a campfire.

We celebrate this special opportunity to experience overnight camping and feel the confidence of successfully living in the out of doors. Leading up to the overnight, each unit will practice basic camping skills: putting up a tent, making fires and planning meals. For many campers, this overnight is the culmination of their camp experience. They use new skills, work together and have a blast.

A time for reflection

It is important for children to slow down and be in touch with the natural world. We close each week with a camp gathering where we sing songs, watch the sun set, and quietly reflect as a community.