Alsing Campers

Who Is the Alsing Camper?

Our campers are bright, passionate about their interests, and want to share their experiences with others. They want to connect with peers, try new things, and become more independent. Our campers may need support with things like understanding another’s perspective, regulating their emotions, time management, demonstrating flexibility, managing anxiety, or trying something that is a little out of their comfort zone.

Just like all of us, Alsing’s campers are unique – some are shy, some are outgoing. Some love adventure, others are more hesitant to try new things. Some love the lake, others choose to keep their feet on dry land. Some are avid readers, love sports, or music. They are happy to be in an environment where peers and adults “get them” and embrace them for the amazing person they are. Most, but not all, of our campers are mainstreamed in school. They want to feel more comfortable in social situations, and make meaningful connections with those around them.

Young people who will thrive at Camp Alsing are socially interested, but need some support in navigating relationships and being part of a group. Some campers may come to us with no specific diagnosis, and others may have been identified as having Autism, ADHD, non-verbal learning disorder, or related conditions.

Alsing could be a good fit for your child if:

  • They have successfully spent the night away from home and have experience traveling to new environments (e.g., sleepovers, staying at a family member’s house, a previous camp experience)
  • They are independent with daily self-care tasks (e.g., hygiene, dressing, eating)
  • They can let an adult know when they are sick, injured, or distressed about something
  • They are not physically aggressive towards themselves or others
  • They can go along with a group plan, even if it is not their first choice of activity
  • They are excited (and maybe nervous too) about camp
  • They are looking for an opportunity to try new things and connect with peers in a supportive environment

There Are Many Opportunities for Growth at Camp Alsing.

Living in a communal environment engaged in activities like swimming, crafts, archery, and kayaking provides our campers with opportunities to try new things in a safe and caring environment. We support campers as they stretch their boundaries and celebrate their efforts as they face new situations. Wherever a camper is in this process, we are excited to work with them. We are happy to discuss any questions you have regarding our individualized approach to learning and growth.

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