Summer 2022 COVID-19 Updates

Updated December 3, 2021


As noted below, we are confident based on our experience from Summer 2021 that we can run a safe, impactful and fun summer program at Alsing. We also anticipate that we will need to incorporate similar layers of protection as we did in 2021. These layers of protection include a testing regimen, some masking and a high-vaccination rate among campers and staff.

We also anticipate requiring vaccination and recommended boosters in 2022 for all eligible campers and staff. We will make our final decision on the structure of our safety protocols in late Spring 2022. Our staff, campers and families were our partners in our effort to keep camp safe, healthy and fun in 2021 – and we know we can work together again in 2022 for a great summer!


Updated September 2, 2021


Can’t Wait for Summer 2022!

We are thrilled to report that during the 2021 camp season, aside from a few colds, we had a healthy camp community. While we did not require vaccines, approximately 92% of our camp community was vaccinated. With this strong vaccination rate as our foundation, we also instituted some indoor masking, pre-testing and onsite testing as additional layers of protection in our community. Everyone stayed healthy and we were able to keep COVID out of Camp Alsing.

We are busily planning for Summer 2022 and we know that COVID prevention will continue to be a necessary piece of that planning. We will stay in communication with our camp families and staff as our protocols evolve, and we will finalize our protocols in late Spring 2022, when we all have a better sense of the COVID landscape as the summer draws near.

We had a wonderful summer and we were able to enjoy all that camp in Maine has to offer. We look forward to seeing our campers have fun, be themselves and explore their boundaries again in summer 2022 at Alsing!