COVID-19 Announcement


Dear Camp Alsing Families and Friends,


Like all of you, we are paying close attention to developments in this public health  situation in our country, and remain dedicated to make the health and safety of our campers and staff our #1 priority.


We believe camp will be the best place to be for our campers during the summer and we look forward to welcoming them this July.


What we have learned


We monitor the evolving situation through the American Camp Association, Maine Summer Camps Association, the Maine Center for Disease Control and the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. As always, we will follow best practices to protect the health and safety of campers and staff.


As far as camp is concerned, the most important characteristic of the coronavirus is that it seems to leave our youth minimally affected, thankfully.


One other encouraging hypothesis (although not a certainty) is that this virus, like many seasonal flus and colds, may diminish as the weather gets warmer and particularly as it gets drier.


If all that is true, why are schools closing? Some schools are closing not because children are significantly affected by coronavirus, but as an attempt to slow the spread of the disease in the general population.


It then stands to reason that resident camp communities are some of the safest and most positive environments since 1) they involve younger, less affected populations and 2) the participants are much, much less likely to interact with older, more at-risk populations.


We also believe that a beautiful, rural, outdoor environment is the best place to be in any summer – and especially this summer. There is no place like Maine in the summer!


Camp is on!


Kids are going to need camp more than ever this summer. Our whole country is experiencing anxiety, and we strongly believe that camp will be an important and healthy experience for campers (and solution for parents!) this summer. In any year, camp is unique in providing a place that is “tech free and happy”. These days, they also need a place that is “stress-free and happy”.


We have more than three months to go before camp and are certain that the landscape will change by the time camp starts. At the very least, we will all know more about how to deal with this virus.


The health and safety of our community will remain our first priority. Our next priority is good communication, so we will continue to keep you informed of any developments as they relate to camp this summer.


We will have an increased focus during staff training devoted to health and hygiene. We also have an RN on site at all times during the summer – far more health support than any of us generally have at home on a daily basis.


We are excited to reunite with old friends and join with new friends this summer in the Kennebec Valley of Maine. As you have questions, please feel free to be in touch – as always!


Best wishes,