Our Founders & Curriculum Developers

Camp Alsing was founded and developed created by five experts in the fields of child and youth development.

Emily Chaleff

Emily Chaleff

Founder and Camp Director

Emily Chaleff, owner and director, co-founded Alsing with an enthusiasm to expand the opportunity for camp to as many children as possible. She brings over 20 years of experience in business and organizational management. Prior to opening Alsing she was the executive director of the Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine for seven years, where among many responsibilities she supervised the oversight of Center Day Camp and the JCA Preschool.

Emily counts her 12 summers as a camper, counselor and trip leader at Camp Thunderbird in Bemidji, Minnesota as some of the most meaningful (and fun!) experiences of her life. She is motivated by a deeply-held belief that camping has a profound impact on the emotional and social lives of all kids, and the unique opportunities camp brings should be available to all children, regardless of developmental challenges. Emily lives in Portland, Maine with her husband and two sons.


Andrew Lillienthal

Andy Lilienthal


Andy Lilienthal, founder, is a third generation owner and director of Camp Winnebago, for boys, in Fayette, Maine and is the current president of Maine Summer Camps.

Andy has over 15 years of experience running a highly successful Maine summer camp that focuses on the importance of living in community, role modeling and skill development. He lives in South Portland, Maine with his wife and two sons.

Matthew Siegel

Matthew Siegel


Matthew Siegel, MD, founder, is a national leader in the fields of autism and child development. He is a child psychiatrist and pediatrician. Dr. Siegel holds over 15 years of experience developing and integrating treatment programs for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders, and has specific expertise in social communication.

He was a camper and counselor at Sanborn Western Camps in Colorado and lives in Yarmouth, Maine with his wife and three daughters.

Brooke White Ober

Brooke White Ober, Clinical Director

Brooke White Ober, MS, CCC-SLP is an ASHA Certified Speech- Language Pathologist. She found her passion working with individuals with autism, social communication and executive functioning challenges through working in outpatient clinics and schools. Brooke works with young people as a social coach at the Social Thinking Boston Clinic and at Lucia Reardon’s clinic in Yarmouth, ME. She strongly believes expanding learned skills and strategies into a fun and functional camp environment can be a life changing experience for kids.

Brooke was raised in Montana, fostering a lifelong love and appreciation for the outdoors. She lives in Scarborough, ME with her husband and son, and labrador retriever, Hazel.

Lucia Reardon

Lucia Reardon, Clinical Director

Lucia Reardon, MA, CCC-SLP, is a licensed, ASHA certified Speech- Language Pathologist and founder of the Lucia Reardon Speech Language Pathology, LLC clinical practice in Yarmouth, ME. She has specialized in the evaluation and treatment of children, adolescents and adults who struggle with challenges in social communication and executive functioning for over 15 years. She sees the value of the teaching and practice of social cognition, social skills, and executive-function skills within her own practice and is excited to extend social emotional learning opportunities to camp. Campers will practice newly learned thinking strategies and connect with peers with a goal to empower and build long-lasting skills.

Lucia was born and raised in New York City and spent every summer in Bayside, ME with her family. There she developed a love for the outdoors and outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, and kayaking. She lives in Cumberland, ME with her husband and adorable dog, Ziggy.