A Day at Camp


Everything summer camp should be – and more!

A day at Camp Alsing is like a week anywhere else. Each day is filled with a variety of activities that will challenge campers to expand their comfort zones as well as experience success. A day at camp is active, and there is built-in down time for reflection and personal interests. We provide “structured independence,” asking our campers to take responsibility for getting ready for and participating in activities, while we support those who need extra time or reminders to meet expectations.

Our schedule offers the classic camp activities in a safe and socially supported environment and we use the language from our social-learning curriculum to help campers navigate throughout the day.

7:30 AM

Wake up

8:00 AM


8:45 AM

Clean up and review schedule for the day

9:30 AM

Theme of the day; A game that reinforces the day’s theme such as listening with our eyes, thinking like others, or having flexible fun.

10:00 AM

1st Period       Group Games (Gaga, Capture the Flag, Scavenger Hunt)

11:10 AM

2nd Period     Swimming instruction

12:30 PM


1:15 PM

Rest hour, letter writing, showers, reading

2:30 PM

3rd Period       Drama, or canoeing, or archery, etc. (each cabin group at a different activity)

3:40 PM

4th Period       Outdoor camping skills

5:00 PM

Review of the day and strategy discussion (stop and breathe, find a choice)

5:30 PM

Cabin time

6:00 PM


6:45 PM

Free Time – (Activities available such as camper/counselor tag, arts and crafts, etc.)

7:45 PM

All camp evening activity

8:45 PM

Back to cabins

9:30 PM

Lights out

Special Activities

During the two-week session, campers will regularly experience special activities such as being on a ropes course, cruising the lake on a pontoon boat, hiking along the shores of North Pond, or cooking in our outdoor pizza oven.